House Without a Key: Courtney’s Chic Casa

Feb 10, 2009 by

We all enjoyed stylish Courtney’s fantastic typewriter light, and today, we are truly treated to visiting her home in this House Without a Key installment. Each room presents a medley of eye candy, complete with vintage treasures that all have a fun story to tell. Without further ado, I welcome you to chic Courtney’s casa, located “inside the loop” in Houston, Texas.

Vintage inspired living room

My coffee table serves as a rotating library for all of my favorite-of-the-moment art books. Right now I have it paired down to a box set of vintage Japanese books, which we do pick up and read from time to time. The fireman’s hose is one of my favorite oddities. It’s never been used, so the brass ends are still wrapped in their original burlap. I also have a thing for vintage science posters and found the Genetics chart while rooting around a prop shop on Houston Street in New York City. I like to hang them from curtain rod holders so they stand out from the wall and have a three-dimensional feel.  (pH note: I love Courtney’s combination of old and new, and the genetics chart is such a refreshing piece of conversational art!  I also love how her white Venetian blinds let in just the right amount of ambient light)

vintage and anthropologie inspired living room

I’m still as in love with Anthropologie’s Ditte Sofa as the day I bought it 2 years ago. It’s deep enough to fit my 6’5″ husband and long enough for us both to stretch out. When Elle Decor dubbed it “the best make out couch,” it was an immediate buy for my husband!

For our second anniversary, we drove to Pieces in Atlanta and invested in some furniture. We love our woven fiberglass chairs and because they’re insanely light, we’ve dragged them all around the house for additional seating where needed. The metal medical cart in the corner is our makeshift bar. With two shelves and a drawer, everything fits perfectly and it’s even mobile!

vintage inspired dining room

In the 70s, my Dad worked at a bank in Louisiana that was undergoing a remodel. When they started tossing Bertoia chairs to the curb, Dad snagged 6 for his unfurnished patio. 30 years later, I had them chromed dipped at a local metalworks shop. My dining buffet is from the now defunct Storehouse and the lamp is a thrift shop find. The vintage orange and white enamel cocktail set is from Austin Modern and the mirror is an old Kirkland’s purchase my mother-in-law had in her previous house.   I love how big and gold it is! We’re huge John Derian fans in this house as he’s one of the few artists my husband actually loves as much as I do. We exchange his pieces every holiday and it’s a fun common interest. My favorite are his Hotel Algonquin series, one hangs above the frog.

art easel repurposed

My husband and I love to ride our bikes around the neighborhood on weekend mornings. Someone was having a yard sale and I almost flipped over my handlebars when I saw this ratty art easel that’s covered in layers of paint and oil. For $3 it didn’t pay to leave it behind, so my husband rode the rest of the way home with it over his shoulders. I have a few funny (and granny) needlepoint embroideries and the hawk was a perfect fit for this nook in our bedroom. I, too, have the ubiquitous “For Like Ever,” but I don’t care. I love the fluorescent colors and teen slang, and it brightens up our overly brown room. My nightstands are a dirt-cheap Craigslist find and I had my husband build up the bottom so they’d be 8″ taller. They’re now more suited to our bed’s height and I use the extra room underneath to shove unsightly things like routers, modems, and endless cords; no one’s the wiser!


In Round Top, Texas, I found these neat hotel door numbers and knew I had to bring some home. I hunted down numbers to spell out our anniversary, “4” “20” “5” (we were married 4-2-05) and placed them above each bedroom light switch.  (pH Note:  How incredibly sweet and romantic!)

vintage and eclectic office

My “office” is located in the second bedroom, so it tends to be a more personal space for me than any other area. When I moved to New York, Mom framed a print of she and my grandparents in 1958.  (As seen against the right wall). My Grandfather, Arthur Ory, owned an appliance store in Louisiana and won a trip to NYC for selling them most Fedders Air Conditioners in his region. They put his name in lights on Broadway and I feel like the luckiest girl in the world for having this piece of family history in my house.  (pH Note: If only every office could be so personalized and nostalgic. Mixing old and new perfectly is certainly Courtney’s forte!  Doesn’t the vintage mannequin somehow look appropriate amongst her laptop?)

vintage bicycle

Thank you SO much Courtney for graciously inviting us into your inspiring home!

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  1. Jon

    Amazing tour! Great style – and the final photo of the bike left me in awe.

  2. Jackie

    I really enjoyed this tour, especially with the science posters. The room numbers are a good idea too and now it makes me want to search for some of my own. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love peeking into someone’s house and heart ? you can really tell a person’s personality. Love the yellow couch and the dining room chairs. Wish my house could look so put together. : )

  4. I love this house. There are so many unique finds here – it inspires me to seek out some more individual finds for my flat. I love the for-free chairs and the house numbers – and, the wallpaper in the hallway – what is it?

  5. A educational genetics poster above a yellow makeout couch , what’s not to love about that :)

  6. This home is so full of amazing personal finds! I love it. And that vintage genetics poster has me green with jealousy.

  7. Grace, I’m so glad you featured this house! I have been seriously stalking it for months now longing to do all the wonderful she has done.

    Courtney, now that I sound way creepy (I’m not by the way) I simply adore your style.

  8. LOVE! The genetics chart and coffee table are fabulous! This house is so inspiring!

  9. Grace

    Isn’t Courtney and her style so fantastic?! There is so much inspiration — and I love how each piece extends its own personality and story.

  10. Thank you all so so very much; I’m so incredibly flattered by your sweet comments. And Grace, a million thanks to you for even wanting to feature my cozy home!

    I have 2 different wallpapers in the house. The green and white in the hallway is KWID’s Imperial Trellis and the brown print in my bedroom is a David Hicks design. It’s called The Vase and is manufactured by Clarence House. Hope that helps! Both prints come in a million colorways and they are all gorgeous!

  11. I loved this house tour so much! This mix of vintage and new is exactly what I am trying to achieve for our home! Wonderful!

  12. WOW – I love her place and the color of her walls. Such a great interior – thanks!

  13. I literally adore everything about that home! Like, really, everything! How inspiring!

  14. Great interiors. It is a mix of modern and classic designs. The round mirror above the drawer is adorable.

    Thanks for posting.

  15. Meghan

    I would be so grateful if you could tell me where you found the door numbers to spell your anniversary. I am in the midst of remodeling an old hotel and those are the style numbers we have. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find any. My email address is

  16. persis

    i love the yellow and blue color combination in the first two pics!

    just stumbled upon your blog and i have to say i LOVE it. please drop by mine too when you have some time. maybe we can follow each other. =)


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  20. @chels I know what you mean, its hard to find good help these days. People now days just don’t have the work ethic they used to have. I mean consider whoever wrote this post, they must have been working hard to write that good and it took a good bit of their time I am sure. I work with people who couldn’t write like this if they tried, and getting them to try is hard enough as it is.

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  22. I enjoyed reading your blog! Thanks for posting such awesome material.

  23. but I don’t care. I love the fluorescent colors and teen slang, and it brightens up our overly brown room.

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  27. That prop shop on E.Houston is Billy’s Antiques and Props.

  28. There are so many unique finds here – it inspires me to seek out some more individual finds for my flat. I love the for-free chairs and the house numbers – and, the wallpaper in the hallway

  29. Really nice house and photos, thanks for sharing. I really like the last photo with the bike, it’s a great house.

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