Would You Like Grain Sacks with That Reupholstery?

Feb 6, 2009 by


My favorite reupholstery projects take antique bones and dress them in unusual fabrics or modern materials.  Reupholstered with French vintage grain sacks, this Edwardian sitting chair takes on new life.  I especially enjoy the symmetrical and purposeful use of the graphics on the grain sacks.

Of course, another fantastic way to add vintage grain sacks and burlap into your home is to stop by maya*made’s Etsy shop, who just had an exciting shop update today!

Do you have any creating plans this weekend?  I hope that you will enjoy a happy, relaxing, and inspirational weekend!

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  1. I am finishing off various DIY jobs – so I have something to write about next week. I’m just looking at an almost finished coffee table it took me months to finish (it wasn’t a big job.) Have a great weekend!

  2. I really like that chair!

    I’m throwing a baby shower for 30 people this weekend so there’s definitely a lot of creativity going on in my house right now…

    have a good one!

  3. This is an eco-friendly idea. Her shop is really great and another thing to tempt me with.

  4. I love that chair! Of course. Thanks so much for directing your readers to my shop! I’m working on more. I’m a bit burlap obsessed. In the mean time, I’ll be drooling over your turquoise Royal. I had an old, classic black Royal as a child. I’ve always wanted to get one again… mmm…

  5. I love anything made from grain sack. This chair is especially nice with the bold graphic. It would look perfect in my living room.

  6. This is def a cool chair/idea…just wondering how comfy it is?

  7. mark

    the chair pictured is one i have for sale in my London shop,if anyone is interested in buying please Email me at purkissmark@yahoo.co.uk

  8. nice chair, where can i buy it? please email me thanks very much


  9. thanks gor this topic

  10. I love this idea! I just got a few grain sacks for Christmas, but don’t know what to do with them. If only I was good at upholstery!!

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  17. I love your blog too much. Keep working on it.

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