Writing on the Wall with Typewriters

Feb 3, 2009 by

My vintage typewriter collection has outgrown my home’s desks, bookshelves, and even stacked vintage suitcase “tables.”   While some will eventually find their way to other homes, I still need to find a way to showcase my beautiful collection without starting to use my dining table and kitchen counter as displays!

How about literally writing on the wall?  With brackets, typewriters become beautiful wall art, yet still retain their functionality for short bursts of upside-down typing, and  I especially enjoying viewing them from a different perspective.

Repurposed typewriters on the wall

magicfly adds splendid “color to the corridor” with this collection of cheerful typewriters.  It looks like 1D paintings now have some competition!

How can you display your typewriter collection if you have more than a dozen of these treasures?  If you are a writer, you should showcase them in your bedroom, which will certainly bring the power of typewriter osmosis to your dreams, as seen on HGTV.

Talk about a new perspective!  Before seeing them on a wall, did you ever know about all the facial expressions typewriters could exude?  Highlux did and captured this fantastic typewriter display on a wall at the Lyttelton Coffee Company.


Spotted by Kazi Noor at Anthropologie, even one typewriter displayed on the wall creates a charming and whimsical (written) conversation piece.

What do you think of displaying typewriters on the wall?  Where do you keep your typewriter(s)?

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  1. Talk about thinking outside the box! I like the first picture the best… the more modern, colorful ones x3 on the wall. The older ones I like the single one more as a vignette… they look so heavy I find more than one too much! I could also see an old one on a sleek pedestal with a spotlight on it, like a sculpture. I think that would look cool…

  2. Yeah I think I saw one of those rooms on Small Space Big Style

  3. I LOVE this idea! My grandmother gave me an old typewriter that I can’t wait to display.

  4. I just want one vintage typewriter to display, but multiple!!? lovely :)

  5. Grace! This is fabulous! I love the typewriter faces ~ that should be a greeting card. What a great way to say, “Stay in Touch.”

    Ciao bella.

  6. wow ! What a wonderful and inspiring post. I just have my typewriter out so visitors can type on it when they come to our home,

  7. Grace

    Thank you all for sharing your great ideas!

    Carol, the sculpture on a pedestal sound beautiful, quite a fitting place for the mighty typewriter.

    Suzanne, you are totally right about that photo making the perfect greeting card! I wish I had a collection of typewriter faces!

  8. Great idea but I would want it to be easily removable so that it could actually be used as well. Any ideas on how to do this and still have it securely fastened. Also I am not sure I would want to have them on my wall if I lived near the fault line of California

  9. I will forever be searching for the face in old typewriters now! i love how they look on the wall!

  10. I absolutely adore this idea. I only have one vintage typewriter. It was a gift (the coolest I’ve ever received) and it sits on display on my night stand! You have such a lovely blog!

  11. Grace, I could listen to you wax poetic about typewriters all day long! I love how much you love them—it makes me love them too!

  12. It’s like some vintage typewriter alternate universe.

  13. Another fantastic share. Thanks Grace.

  14. Signet

    AWESOME. I would worry that they would fall.
    However, since I have 27 of them on the dining room floor, and my mother has already STEPPED ON AND BROKEN my Royal Quiet-Deluxe (EUROPEAN keys no less. Brand new. my BABY.) Anyways, nice solution!

  15. Great photos, someone’s been writing a lot of letters.

  16. What an amazing idea!

  17. Ged

    Any one know how these were wall mounted ?
    hooks & wire ?

  18. Tim Mundorff

    I just started collecting in December. Have 11 machines.

    All I can say is I know what I am doing this weekend. Fantastic idea.

    Love this blog so much I think I’m gonna cry.


  19. Great article!!

  20. This is pretty awesome. I actually would like to see a mix of typewriters and new keyboards. There are some of the older computer keyboards that can look cool. But really nothing compares to an old school typewriter.

  21. Your idea has inspired me!

    Really love how you have made it such appealing.

  22. Roman wojtkowiak

    I love this idea and would love to know how to do it. I have the same typewriter as the one in the last pic. Can someone tell me how to do it.

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  29. Wow this definitely takes me back, a good quick read.

  30. Thank you, sohbet odalar?

  31. Mariah

    I like the concept behind hanging them on the wall, however, in practice they just look awkward to me. They are topheavy and don’t seem to compliment the room or highlight the typewriters’ features at that angle. This in my humble oppinion of course. I can’t help but hold my breath looking at them either, waiting for them to fall off the wall.


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