Repurposed Nature: Pure Floral Arrangements

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“Look deep into nature and…understand everything better.” ~Albert Einstein

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, thoughts of flowers are certainly in the air.  Yet, the most beautiful flower arrangements need not arrive in a Murano glass vase or tied with exorbiant amounts of satin ribbon and cellophane.  Instead, some of the best vessels for holding flowers are those found in nature.


While climbing down the cliffs to the beach by our home, my husband and I found this intriguing rock, carved by decades of rainwater dripping over the cliff.  In our home, it now serves as the perfect repurposed vessel for Ikebana (a Japanese floral artistry that melds together nature and humanity to create arrangements that represent heaven, earth, and people).  Each hole holds the perfect amount of water, and it is a lovely, Wabi Sabi way to show off the natural, simple beauty of Maidenhair fern cuttings and a Cymbidium orchid bloom.


A miniature blooming bulb fills my home with a heavenly scent, while it seems quite at home amongst sprigs of Maidenhair fern tucked into a bowl carved out of a fallen mango tree.


Floating flowers are a classic romantic image, but they don’t always have to float in glass bowls.  Inspired by Hawaii, where I met my husband, I will be filling shells with water and floating candles to place around our home on Valentine’s.


As you may recall from a former repurposing planter post, shells make the perfect vessel for holding more than just flowers!


This beautiful and quintessential Ikebana arrangement is housed in a perfect nature vessel: a repurposed bamboo cutting, as captured by tomooka.


Who says we even need a vessel to enjoy flowers indoors?  This breathtaking Ikebana arrangement captures the unruly temperament of nature, untouched by mankind.

What inspires your floral arrangements?  Have you arranged flowers or plants in natural, repurposed vessels?

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  1. Very nice repurposed vessels…although I can’t think of any new ones right now :-/

  2. I have a feeling I’m going to be thinking about this all day!

  3. I love how you used that sea rock! It’s so clever. The only repurposing I do for vases is using old jelly jars. Not exactly natural, though.

  4. i really love these arrangements, especially the fern & moss.

  5. Love all this! Hawaii, huh? That sounds like a good story to me. Certainly digging the floating flower in the seashell.

  6. What a wonderful collection of arrangements! I’m especially a fan of the one in the wooden bowl–the moss covered rocks remind me of the verdant forests of my childhood spent in georgia. just stunning!

  7. This was a breathtaking and thought provoking post. I will be thinking on new ways to grow bulbs until the spring blooms arrive, and then I will have to think about new vessels for the forsythia and daffodils (some of the first flowers of the year). Loveliness… I never leave your site/home without inspiration and new perspectives. I’m so happy to “know” you!

  8. Beautiful post filled with beautiful living and preserved natural things. I love to use natural vessels for growing things and displaying blossoms picked from the garden. One of my favorites last year were the birch bark vessels .

  9. duc

    You bring a new idea to flower arrangement.

  10. The shell and the rock…terrific ideas for natural floral vessels! Lovely photos. Thanks for sharing. I LOVE flowers. I told my Jimmy to not spend astronomical amounts on flowers this Valentine’s but I think I’ll have him take a look at this post for alternative creative ideas.

  11. Yes those floral arragements are very cool – especially I love that intriguing rock.
    Thanks for posting,

  12. Wow! I love the arrangements. It’s very simple and the materials needed can be found inside your house or the garage, all we need to do is think how to creatively arrange it without overdoing it.

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  14. That was interesting . I love your style that you put into your work. Please do move forward with more like this.

  15. I liked reading your blog, thanks for posting such good content.

  16. Hi buddy, your blog’s design is simple and clean and i like it. Your blog posts are superb. Please keep them coming. Greets!

  17. You must post more entries in the coming weeks. I shall be looking out for writing like this with keen interest.

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  19. I’m especially a fan of the one in the wooden bowl–the moss covered rocks remind me of the verdant forests of my childhood spent in georgia. just stunning

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  21. I love all the arrangements and the simplicity of it, very nicely done but I find Ikebana arrangement the most beautiful of all.

  22. Those are flower arrangements! Using some of the most gorgeous materials nature has to offer is a great alternative from the usual. All we need is some creativity and resourcefulness to have pieces like you have here. Truly an inspiration to all florists and artists alike.


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