Typelighters: Typewriters Doubling as Lamps

Jan 27, 2009 by

While we certainly do not need any more reasons to crave these treasures, vintage typewriters continue to showcase their timeless appeal (and usefulness) as they transition from typewriters into “typelighters.”


I spotted this show-stopping repurposed typewriter lamp in the home of the talented and timeless fashionista Courtney from In(side) the Loop, and I simply fell in love.  How fantastic would it be to enjoy a cocktail and banter amidst the most intellectual light in mankind’s history?   For more decor temptation, the incredibly stylish Courtney will be graciously opening her doors to us for an upcoming  Room without a Key Tour!


For a more literal interpretation, consider installing a lamp right onto your vintage Royal typewriter.  John Vanek was inspired by the “light” that would turn on when he typed on his portable typewriters, and voila – the “typelighter” was born!

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  1. I love the typelighter :) grand idea…

  2. Thanks so much for the feature! We love our little light and it would be such a fun DIY project as well! I also love the one with the lampshade attached – super cool.

  3. Yes those are very cool – what a great idea!

  4. Wow, that is really cool! Now to find an old typewriter…

  5. I totally want to start making a collection out of vintage typewriters and cameras! We had one when I was little. That was our “toy” before video games.

  6. Too cool! I have an old one that was “guaranteed” to work by the ebay seller who sold it to me…and of course it doesn’t! But these are such a fun way to bring new life into such lovely pieces!

  7. Great looking lamp, nice idea. Each time I read a new post from your site I can’t wait to get in the shop and start generating shavings :)

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