Wabi Sabi: Raw Beauty

Jan 21, 2009 by


Boundless beauty exists in raw nature.  The Wabi Sabi philosophy celebrates driftwood, smooth ocean-tumbled pebbles, and cracks and crevices of time.   The Swedish interpretation of a Wabi Sabi example may not represent the philosophy’s subtle minimalism, but it certainly showcases the gorgeous appeal and perfection of imperfect nature.

How do you incorporate nature into your home?

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  1. i have sand and pebbles from the beach in our flowerpots and shells here and there.

  2. Oh how beautiful! I’ve been looking for winter decorating ideas and this is just perfect. I’ll be linking, thanks so much for sharing this.

  3. Oh dear. I’m assuming the fact that I still have my fake Christmas tree up does not count?

    I try to treat myself to simple, fresh flowers on a regular basis, so that we have a rotating mix of colors and textures.

  4. I decorate with nature just about everywhere inside and outside of my home. I am also known to decorate myself ( acorn necklaces). I also did a little wabi sabi post myself a little while back when so many people commented on the bubbles and cracks in my ice doilies. Nature is so imperfect and that is what makes it so wonderful and interesting.

  5. Grace

    Thank you for sharing all of the lovely ways you bring the perfection of imperfect nature into your home!

  6. I love the idea of bringing more nature into my home. It’s free and beautiful and reminds me to be more humble.

  7. Beautiful image… love it! We bring nature inside differently for each season. Spring- seedlings grow in the window sill getting ready for a little transplant to the garden. Summer- flowers are gathered from our beds and roadsides. Fall- children and I collect sticks, stones, leaves… anything that catches our eye. We have a rotating “gallery” of these finds. Winter- bulbs bloom as I dream about the spring. I love all of your Wabi Sabi posts! Sorry, if I got carried away with my response: )

  8. We bring plants to the brink of death and then revive them by watering them!! Somehow they survive and thrive despite the abuse

  9. I didn’t know it had a name – how wonderful! I love collecting rocks from places I have visited.

  10. i think i need to learn more about wabi sabi! i’ve seen a book on it at my mom’s house…i’ll have to borrow it. in the spring, summer, and fall i’m always bringing little cuttings in from my garden. this time of year, i’m treating myself to flowers from the grocery store.

  11. i don’t have any curtains or shades on most of my windows. I love rocks, sticks, shells, and i use all of them to decorate.

  12. Lisa


    Wabi Sabi is more than bringing nature into your home. It’s a way of living; a philosophy of simplicity, imperfection, transiency. It’s a beautiful and freeing way to live inside and out.

  13. I think that is an interesting point, it made me think a bit. Thanks for sparking my thinking cap. Sometimes I get so much in a rut that I just feel like a record.

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  18. i have sand and pebbles from the beach in our flowerpots and shells here and there.

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