Repurposed Mondays: Climbing Upcycled Ladders

Jan 12, 2009 by

Finding the perfect vintage ladder has been on my treasure hunt list of late.  Providing both style and chic storage functionality, repurposed ladders can be used from bathrooms to living rooms.  If a ladder graces your home in a room other than the garage, I would love to hear about how you have repurposed it.


The unexpeted combination of a construction ladder and a delicate chandelier creates a lovely ambiance via Brocade Home.


No upward ladder climbers here!  At Idle Hand Tattoo in San Francisco, science!alex spooted an upcycled ladder turned into an unexpected and quite practical bookshelf.


The creatively talented Maya and her mother created an absolutely intriguing vignette using an old ladder, barn wood, and wire baskets.  Even better, you can enjoy the full DIY tutorial at maya*made!  I could spend hours exploring all of the vintage treasures artfully displayed on this fantastic upcycled ladder.


With the addition of a few planks, a vintage ladder is repurposed in Real Living into a stylish display piece.  So long curiosity cabinets!


Of course, your guests will be delighted with Martha Stewart‘s idea of using an antique apple picking ladder as a chic towel holder.


From an older repurposed bathroom post, a bathtub caddy is fashioned with the help of an antique ladder.


Of course, if you find yourself in my shoes, desperately lacking a vintage ladder, then be inspired to make your own.  In this image from Christine Churchill’s  The Collector’s Eye, the featured ladder could be created with decorative molding or trim, fastened to even two long branches.

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  1. I never thought I would ever pine for a ladder, but somehow I do now.. though sadly I haven’t got a vintage apple picking ladder, or a place to put one but lovely photos and ideas, if I ever find an old ladder in need of a new home.

  2. I am not an owner of a vintage ladder….but I love the idea of it on the wall as a bookcase for a studio! Haven’t seen that one before! Great ideas, thanks for sharing!! ~Cheryl

  3. i love ladders! I wanted to use one for my wedding to hang the escort cards on but I was never able to find one I liked.

  4. I love this post! Maybe I should scout the sales to see if I can find a vintage ladder for my studio bookcase… Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. That ladder bookshelf is genius! My apartment would not accomodate a ladder, sadly.

  6. You obviously know that I love a good vintage ladder upcycle, and probably suspected that I would enjoy this post. Did you know how insanely happy it would make me? I love each inspiration you chose (thanks for including my mother’s!) and can’t wait to figure out how I can incorporate at least one of those new ideas into MY home! Thanks, Grace! You are magnificent!

  7. what a fantastic post! love them all but my favorites are the horizontal bookcase on the wall and Maya and her mother’s vignette… really ingenious and ‘thinking outside the box’ style, which I love!

  8. i love the use of the ladder for the books!

  9. Grace

    There really are limitless uses for ladders. If you find the right ladder and repurpose it for your home, I would LOVE to see photos!

    ljcadv, your idea for using a vintage ladder to hold escort cards is splendid!

    Maya, thank you for allowing me to share your mum’s fantastic ladder! I look forward to seeing photos of its most recent displays.

  10. Oh my! Now I need to go hunt one down! Im clearing out my craft space and I am in desperat need of a bookself that doesnt take up much (if any) floor space. I adore all of them!

  11. Love these ideas. I never thought to repurpose a ladder as a bookshelf, but now I think it is brilliant.

  12. these pictures are SoooOOOOOoooOOOooOo awesome!!!

  13. I’ve had a longtime lust for ladders in interiors. They look so graphic and rustic at the same time. but i think you’d need a fairly expansive space to have one in—i can just see tripping over the darn thing all the time!

  14. Splendid ideas! I love the idea of using it as a bookcase.

  15. Becky

    I love to recycle ladders.And I love ALL the ideas.I have a ladder just the right size to hang in my kitchen across my wall.I am going to put my cookbooks on it!THANK YOU!

  16. book shelf is fantastic! simple things can be used very different if you just simply think!

  17. LOVE these! I will be blogging about them very soon.

    T. Rivera

  18. I love these ladder ideas! I’m on the lookout for an old ladder now. I’ve already got one in the tipi, but I’m using it in there!

  19. An old ladder hung horizontally from shelf brackets is the perfect roost for my hens in my chicken coop. (I would also love it indoors as a stylish decor piece, but livestock comes first on the farm.)

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  23. I enjoyed reading your blog! Thanks for posting such awesome material.

  24. I love this idea and would love to know how to do it. I have the same typewriter as the one in the last pic. Can someone tell me how to do it.

  25. I bow down to your upcycling supremacy

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  36. loving these creative and green uses for vintage ladders <3


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