Paint and Vintage Furniture Make Art

Jan 9, 2009 by

To live in a home where each piece of furniture is a work of art is one of my lofty goals.  However, for me, art is not necesarily found in high brow design — but quite literally, artistic creations melded with vintage furniture pieces.   The Old Cinema proves that even the humblest of cupboards and vintage school lockers are transformed into artistic heirloom pieces with creative coats of paint.  From numbers to the Union Jack and illustrations in between, it will be difficult for me to look at any vintage furniture piece the same again!


I wish you a marvelous upcoming weekend filled with finding treasures that bring out the artist in you!

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  1. I especially love that last painted locker – it is truly a work of art!

  2. Me too! Love the painted lockers. I am inspired to do something similar.

    First step, find some vintage lockers.

  3. Wow—what gorgeous pieces! That Union Jack chest of drawers is stunning! Makes me want to mix up some paint and go to town :)

    Have a fabulous weekend Grace!

  4. Grace

    I myself am on a hunt for vintage lockers too :) If you lovely ladies find the perfect piece and paint it, I would love to see your masterpiece!

  5. Thanks for sharing the vintage lockers! Now I know what to look for to solve my office storage problem.

  6. I LOVE the union jack dresser!

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  9. Digg and I found your post . Not normally what I like to read about, but it was definitely worth my time.

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