Vintage DIY Holiday Cards? Bingo!

Dec 22, 2008 by

How I have missed enjoying the holiday spirit with you!  Although my blogging hiatus officially ends at the close of 2008, I wanted to share with you this week a few last-minute, vintage-inspired ideas for your holiday celebrations.  Stay tuned for additional posts on quick-and-easy Scandinavian and vintage inspired centerpieces, mantle decor, and wrapping ideas.

The entire theme for my holiday decor this year has been “au natural” meets Scandinavian lore.  I was inspired to incorporate the same theme with my greeting cards, using vintage Bingo cards adorned with glittered snowflakes, which were cut from Trader Joes’ charming brown paper bags from this season.  Inside each card, I glued a strip borrowed from the same fantastically useful brown bags, each typed on my vintage Royal typewriter with its own custom message.  A bow of jute finishes the interior of these cards…bingo!

I would love to hear about the holiday greeting cards you made this year and your inspirations!

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  1. Jon

    Ho Ho Horray!!! Glad to have you back.

    Cant wait to read your posts in 09! Happy Holidays

  2. These are lovely! while I don’t have your heavenly Royal, I do have my one precious TJ’s bag. I’ve been coveting one ever since I saw this season’s design, but we don’t have one closer than 4 hours away. My mother just brought me one all the way from CA. I’ll be cutting out one of those snowflakes tomorrow! Thanks for the great idea and welcome back (unofficially, of course)!

  3. welcome back!

  4. Welcome back Grace. These are so lovely! What a great idea to use the snowflakes from brown paper bags. I love the color combination and vintage appears. : ) Thank you for sharing. I’m inspired!

  5. welcome back!

  6. Aw, Grace, don’t tease me with the Trader Joe’s talk…we don’t have one here and I miss it terribly!

    But, I must say to everyone, those BINGO cards are FABULOUS…and I can say that, because I have one especially made and sent to me from the lovely and talented Miss Grace!

    Happy New Year to you friend, and along with everyone else ~ welcome back (almost). We have missed you!


    Ciao bella,


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  9. I love seeing this piece getting great attention right now in the blogosphere,

  10. I’ve been coveting one ever since I saw this season’s design, but we don’t have one closer than 4 hours away.

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