Stylish Treats: $1 Vintage Industrial Chairs

Oct 31, 2008 by

On a day of tricks and treats, I would like to share with you a vintage industrial treat….that only costs $1!  Currently, this public surplus auction is selling five vintage industrial chairs for only $1.  They remind me of the ones from Anthropologie, except these are authentic and government-issued no less.  The catch is that you have to live in Virginia, as it is pick-up only, but there are many auctions occuring throughout the country for your fun and affordable perusal.   Most of these auctions end at $1 or $5, and thus, it is a true treat, especially in these economic times.  Happy Halloween!!

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  1. NO WAY! I just went to the section for my region and I can’t BELIEVE all the great stuff waiting for a good home! Thanks so much for the find, Grace!

    Have a safe and happy halloween :)

  2. Oh man…I wish I lived in VA. :) Happy Halloween!

  3. Wah! Why don’t I live in Virginia? Thank you so much for sharing this site! It’s going to be a daily browse.

  4. fabulous find! our goodwill stores were 50% off the other day and I found a similar chair that cost me $7.50. it had been painted a sunny yellow which was an added bonus…

  5. Grace

    It was my pleasure to share! I hope you find lots of treasures that are beautiful for your home and fantastic for your wallet!

  6. eduardo ramirez

    i so love vintage..

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