Secret Pumpkin Messages – No Carving Needed!

Oct 30, 2008 by

With excitement in the air, as well as candy by the door, Halloween is almost here!  If you don’t have time to carve a pumpkin, why not make a tackful one instead?  With a few tacks painted black, you can make your pumpkin spooky – without having to go under the knife.  Better yet, if you do decide to carve, you can take the tacks out and have the perfect outline for an elaborate creation (which is what I will do to beat my husband at the annual “carve off” we host)!

Tacks allow you to be creative with your pumpkin displays, which will last much longer than the carved variety.  For batty lovers, feel free to email me for the template file for the friendly pumpkin bat!

Vases are fantastic vessels for sending scary messages: Boo, Eek, or RIP !

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  1. Your little pumpkins are adorable in that vase. I like pumpkin carving, but it does take up more time than I currently have. Your tack method would be much smarter!

  2. Cute, you are so crafty. I love it.

  3. Found your blog looking for tablescape ideas. WOW! Your blog is filled with amazing ideas and treats for the eyes! Way cool stuff.

  4. Amy

    Wonderful ideas, Grace! Your blog looks just so wonderfully festive, just like your house of course! :~)

  5. Grace

    Thank you for your kind words! I am a bit sad to “retire” the pumpkins, but they sure do taste delicious as pie!

  6. Julie

    Great Idea!

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