The weekend’s freedom via Airstream

Oct 3, 2008 by

I’ve been on an Airstream kick once again, as I have been spotting amazing deals on my local Craigslist.  One day, when I have a tiny piece of land to call my own, I shall plop one of these vintage beauties in the backyard to be a studio / office.  (For inspiration, check out these artists’ repurposed vintage Airstreams).  For now, may this eco-friendly image of the French cyclist Latourneau pulling a vintage Airstream inspire you to have an adventurous weekend!  Happy Friday!

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  1. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen an airstream trailer for real, only in pictures. Maybe New England is just not the place for them and it’s more of a West coast thing? They are beautiful!

  2. oh wow, i’ve never seen one of these before either! the photography is quite fun :) hope you’re doing well, grace!

  3. Definitely not just a west coast thing! Just rare. We live out of our 25′ Airstream just outside of Richmond, VA. We just converted our diesel truck to burn veggie oil and plan on hitting the road Oct 14. From there we will be traveling around with our two dogs, working as WWOOF volunteers on organic farms. So my vote it in, and you can guess it! Get an Airstream! I’m all about the backyard studio/office. They are so well made and beautiful. Best- Lauren,

  4. Wow! I wonder what the weight is on that one. I can’t believe he’s pulling it with the bicycle.

    What a great idea to set one up as a backyard office/studio.

    Have a great weekend, Grace!

  5. So we have this in common too? One of the things on my wish list is to get a vintage Bambi or maybe some other vintage tiny little trailer and fix it up for Joe and I. And Joe is a cyclist….I’m going to have to show him this and tell him this is how I’m planning to get that cute trailer from place to place!

  6. Grace

    Airstreams make me *swoon* A few weeks ago, I saw one in my neighborhood being towed by a Subaru…it took everything in my self-control not to knock on the door and take a peek inside 😉

    Lauren — what a splendid adventure to travel the country via your Airstream!

    Joyce — A vintage Bambi would be so cute for both work and play…I love the petite size — and powered by Joe via his bicycle? Even better!!

  7. This is soo cute! Love the shiny surface and round shape!!

  8. I love your blog and visited regularly, but didn’t know you had an Airstream crush! I have a ’64 Caravel, named Stella, that I use as a studio/cocktail lounge/kid’s sleepover cabin/haven. I’m so crazy about Airstreams that I blog about them (and other shiny, silver things) on my blog. Hope you’ll visit and enjoy! Thanks for all the goodness you share here, too!

  9. Cathy Waters

    If you have an urge to experience the Airstream without owning one, you can always go to the Starlite Motel in Ocean City, New Jersey. They have two lovingly restored old Airstreams mounted across the street from their building which they rent by the night. Give them a gander!

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