Vintage Sewing Delights Giveaway!

Sep 25, 2008 by

I’m happy to announce the first Poetic Home giveaway!  With the theme of “vintage sewing delights,” this giveaway includes a medley of vintage sewing accouterments, such as patches, lots of embroidery and lace pieces, antique Indian beaded embellishments, zippers, seam binding, wooden spools, a buttonhole sewing machine attachment set, needlepoint work (the Coronado painting is not included…sorry!), and much more! There’s also a “crazy-daisy winder” which is meant for creating yarn daisies (I think).

To enter, simply submit a comment by Sunday, September 28th…and letting me know about your most recent sewing project would be lovely too!  I’ll draw a winner by random number and announce on Monday, September 29th and happily ship out the package of vintage sewing fun!

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  1. How sweet of you to do a giveaway! And such fun things. I guess my last sewing project was a simple pillow cover, but I’m moving on to bigger things soon!

  2. Ruby

    I have to confess, I don’t sew too much except to patch my jeans or to add a bit of dazzle to an old piece of clothing. I am really entering this for my mother, who is the true sewer in the family. She just finished a beauitiful queen quilt for my aunt that was completely embroided. So I would love a chance to give her this. thnks!

  3. How exciting! I always love the things you have on here! Lets see…my most recent sewing project would have to be my sons jacket, here’s a picture of the pattern (view 1)…Im half way done!

  4. Whoops guess I can’t post the pic…if you wanna look here’s the link!

  5. I made a bunch of felt crow pillows for my friends for Halloween. Super cute… Super easy!

  6. Yeah giveaway! My most recent sewing project is any one of my unfinished quilts. Man I really have to get started on finishing those.

  7. Sue Cahill

    What a lovely giveaway. Right now I have one block of the Civil War Diary Quilt left to do, there are 121 blocks and I have hand pieced them all in repo fabrics. I will hand quilt the quilt when I get it altogether.

  8. Hi Grace this is fun. Thank you for putting these together for us to have an anticipating weekend! : ) Most recent sewing was making cloth grocery bags. Those smaller rectangular bags that you use to put fruits and vegetables in and then weigh them at cashier. My friend Kyung came and helped me. That’s was fun. I am still walking baby step with sewing. This giveaway is an encouragement. : )

  9. Grace

    Thanks to everyone for entering the giveaway! This is so fun, and I love hearing about all your sewing inspired projects!! It gives me motivation to sew a project as well or I may just live vicariously through everyone else… 😉

  10. Yay, my most recent sewing experience is buying a cheapo machine. Yes, this is perfect for me. You planned this all around me, didn’t you? Well, that’s so kind.
    I notice there are some other comments so maybe this isn’t all about me. I hate it when that happens.
    Very cool stuff you have here. Pick my name at random. (I guess that’s not how it works.) It is all looking pretty awesome.

  11. Carla Pullum

    Sewing project is doing shirts for my daughters sports teams. Non stop project!

  12. My last sewing project was a Loch Ness Monster named Nessie! He is magnificent.

  13. my niece sent me your link. what a great site
    your giveaway looks nummy. my latest sewing project was an apron and a tote bag.

  14. I’m actaully writing on behalf of my partner Hazel who is a keen collector of sewing gubbins- especially anything unusaul . You can see her collection on her a1scrapmetal blog.

    I guess her latest sewing project would be the rag rug made from recycled shirts and jeans etc. which now graces our front room. Not sure how much sewing involved actually – it’s mostly pulling strips of cloth through holes and tieing a knot!

  15. My most recent projects have included some baby dresses and a couple zipper pouches. You can see them on my blog. I would love to win. clairjuly at yahoo dot com

  16. Hey Grace,

    This must be “give away month” because so many “blog beauties” are giving away great stuff. You all are so generous.

    I have been sewing my entire life and still use my original Singer sewing machine that “Santa Claus” gave me a long time ago. I used to make my clothes in high school because I wanted to wear designer clothes and of course could not afford them. I was the only kid in high school who wore blazers!

    I still love to sew, but rarely make my clothes any more. I like to make stuff for the home such as wispy curtains out of old seersucker cotton bed coverlets!

    Have fun with the give away ~ the goodies look fun.

    Ciao amica,


  17. Esther

    I recently made a skirt, as well as a huge tote bag! Thanks for entering me in your giveaway

  18. rebecca s.

    how fun! i’m so glad i found your blog/site through your etsy shop tonight!

    i’ve been sewing up a storm lately, from dresses, early halloween costumes, grocery bags out of vintage linens to baby shower presents. my last completed project was a vintage inspired nautical baby dress. you can see it here if you would like:

  19. Most recently I lengthened a jumper for myself and shortened the sleeves on a jacket for my husband.

    Great blog you have here!

  20. Oh, goodness I found you just in time! I was browsing your etsy shop and thought I’d come on over and visit your blog. I’d love to be entered as I’ve been sort of questing after vintage sewing stuff all summer. My latest sewing(ish) projects are a traditional rockford heel sock monkey (corny, but I’ve always wanted to make one) and a cover for the ironing board that folds out of our kitchen wall (just moved into a really old cute apartment and have a renewed sense of appreciation for all things vintage).

    Anyway, thanks for the opportunity.

  21. What cute cute cute stuff!

    I am trying to learn to sew. So far I’ve not been able to do anything too ambitious, but I am getting pretty good at a plain tote-bag-looking purse!

    My last big project was a quilt I made for my new nephew, Bruno. I didn’t have a pattern, I just pieced together mostly retro kids’ fabrics. It definitely looks homemade!

    Tonight I started cutting and ironing fabric to attempt to make a basic drawstring skirt — I realized that a skirt I have and really like should be easy to replicate (I hope!) I’m going to start with a fabric that I have an abundance of, and if it turns out okay, then I’ll use some of my favorites.

    Thank you for doing this!

  22. Grace

    Thank you to everyone for entering into the first Poetic Home giveaway! The contest is now officially closed, and I will be drawing the name and announcing the winner tomorrow morning!

    I loved reading and seeing your great sewing projects — they were all quite inspirational!

  23. Marian Mills


  24. Just wasting some in between class time on Stumbleupon and I found your entry. Not typically what I like to learn about, but it was absolutely worth my time. Thanks.

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  26. I have pillows on the brain right now, because I’m trying to figure out how to re-cover my own.

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  30. Right now I have one block of the Civil War Diary Quilt left to do, there are 121 blocks and I have hand pieced them all in repo fabrics.

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