The official Rose Bowl Flea field report…

Sep 16, 2008 by

Ah friends, do you want the good news or bad news first?  After waking up in the early hours to arrive at the illustrious Rose Bowl, here is what I have to report:

The Good: The Rose Bowl Flea Market is still amazing…and I love that most of the vendors specialize in different vintage and antique collectibles.  Whether it is apothecary bottles, antique cameras, mid-century modern furniture, talking machines, clocks, vintage fans, or Pyrex — these vendors have full-blown collections.  This means you get an amazing selection, but….

The Sad: …the prices were just out of control!  Whereas the Rose Bowl used to be reasonably priced, since the last time I visited two years ago, the prices have essentially quadrupled — if not more!   For example, I saw this cool old padlock, and the vendor told me that he would “let it go” for $75.   I saw the same fans I’ve had in my Etsy shop for $25 going for $150 at the Rose Bowl…except mine were in mint condition, and these had frayed cords and tremendous rust.

The Rose Bowl bust this weekend was very sad for me….I drove hours to get up there, and I wanted to burn the cash in my pocket, but I just could not support the price-gauging.  Nonetheless, the eye candy was fun….and here are some pictures for you to enjoy!

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  1. These pictures are great! I have noticed how pricey things have gotten, but I still go for the browsing and the occasional steal. Ironically, my lazy days always seem to pay off, because the vendors are more willing to make a deal as the day comes to a close than they are in the morning.

  2. Thanks for the recap. Someday I hope to make it there.
    I always wonder who is buying with prices like that. It can’t be the dealers (which is the case with most of the shows in my area), so I guess it is just the rich people who don’t like to search for their favorite things at yard sales or thrift stores.

    P.S. I love your blog – it’s right up my alley. Thanks so much for linking to mine!

  3. oh, too bad the flea market was a bust! it’s discouraging, especially when you are all ready to spend your money, and no well-priced treasures appear. better luck next time!

  4. Amy

    Ratz!! Great images though.. just wish they had cost you less petro $$! Okay, time to break open your fortune cookie because I have a hunch you are on the verge of striking gold somewhere unexpected in the near future! :~)

  5. Grace

    Thanks ladies for your sympathy! :) Ah, I do hope that my next treasure hunt goes much better…without so much gas emissions expended!

  6. Duc

    Oh That tricycle! is so innocent looking mode of transport.

  7. Grace…your photographs are fabulous! At least you could share the goodies with us with your camera. We’ve got some tiny apothecary bottles we have found as “treasures” in our backyard ~ in fact I even threw some away last year, before I thought they would be cute in my son’s room and realized that they were expensive in the antique markets!

    Happy hunting.

    Ciao amica,


  8. Love the eye candy! What a shame about the prices! I see it here as well…the prices on flea market items are nearly the same as if you were buying it brand new, and on certain items even higher… I just buy for myself…and have been on the lookout for an old dresser to modify…but with the prices beeing so high I could just go to a cheap furniture store and buy a brand new one …grhmph..

  9. I often think of my past and use it as a means to analyze where I am and where I want to get to.

  10. You’ve just provided me with more inspiration!

  11. so I guess it is just the rich people who don’t like to search for their favorite things at yard sales or thrift stores.

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