Repurposed vintage pillow delights

Sep 9, 2008 by

As a lady recently on the pillow hunt, I’ve really enjoyed the beautiful pillows handmade by Etsy sellers – especially the ones who repurpose vintage materials.  Here are some of my favorite repurposed vintage fabric pillows.

jillbent’s Nautical Stripe Pillows; GloaminDesign’s Mer Grise Pillow

lesliejanson’s New York City Pennant Pillow; timeneve’s Union Jack Cushion

ErnstandThistle’s Linen Pillow; lesliejanson’s Vintage Grain Sack Pillow

kinchimama’s Sixties London duo

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  1. Jon

    .. and here I thought pillows were merely for sleeping. These are wonderful works of art – thanks for sharing. Maybe my dreams will be more interesting now?!?

  2. That nautical stripe pillow is adorable! I have pillows on the brain right now, because I’m trying to figure out how to re-cover my own. You’ve just provided me with more inspiration!

  3. OH! This is my FAVORITE round-up! :)

  4. Amy

    Great post, Grace!! Of course, you know me… my eye immediately was arrested by Leslie Janson’s NYC pennant pillow, this and the others in her shop are ace! And love Kinchimama’s London duo… she has such a lovely shop!

  5. Grace, thank you so much for featuring my pillows!! I’m so flattered, and thank you for contacting me to let me know. You have made my day! I love the other pillows you have featured here too…they are all beautiful! Best, Jill Bent (Bags and Pillows)

  6. Grace

    Thanks everyone! I can’t take the credit, as these Etsy artists are just so talented!

    Jon – Yes, your dreams will be more interesting if you sleep on a handmade, vintage repurposed pillow :) There will be much more history in your pillow!

    Erin — Aww, shucks — I am sure these wonderful artists enjoy your kind words!

    Rachel — I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

    Amy — I totally thought of you when I saw the NYC pillow and its type! :)

    Jill — It was truly my pleasure — your work is fantastic!!

  7. Grace,

    Thanks for including me in such fine company!


  8. Grace

    My pleasure Leslie!! Your pillows are fabulous :)

  9. Hey, I just hopped over to your site via StumbleUpon. Not somthing I would normally read, but I liked your thoughts none the less. Thanks for making something worth reading.

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  11. isabella

    is there any place where i can purchase these in south australia, or the material to make it

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  13. I will just leave them in the mailroom with a tin can beside it so my neighbors may just grab a magazine an drop there pennies in the can!
    Thank you Grace for putting up this amazing website,

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