Don’t throw out any vintage appliance! Make it into a lamp!

Aug 26, 2008 by

Italian Lamponi’s Lamps takes up-cycled and re-purposed vintage goods to a whole…other…level.  Lamponi, an engineer / architect turned vintage artisan, takes household appliances and turns them into amazingly creative vintage industrial lamps!  From a hairdryer and espresso maker to Vespa and motorbike parts, Lamponi shows that  anything can be re-purposed into a functional lamps of art.  This makes me think twice about keeping that vintage hairdryer in my Etsy shop

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  1. The Lamp Module is specifically designed to control lamps using incandescent bulbs. Household Appliance

  2. they are very cool grace! oh anyway, i am living in yogyakarta, java island indonesia 😀

  3. Grace

    He’s so creative! I would love one of these lamps in my house….

    Cocomomo — I may need to pay a visit to Java island 😀

  4. That was interesting . I admire your finesse that you put into your writing . Please do continue with more like this.

  5. Glad to see that this site works well on my Google phone , everything I want to do is functional. Thanks for keeping it up to date with the latest.

  6. Thank you for using the time and effort to write something which is invokinThank you for using the time and effort to write something so interesting.

  7. and the clean lines of the furniture is awsome against the ornate screen in the back!

  8. Can you share how you attached the fixture to the top of the irdcage stand?

  9. Thanks for sharing, learned a lot.

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