Vintage street signs re-purposed into stylish decor

Aug 21, 2008 by

Disclaimer:  I am not responsible if your neighborhood’s street signs start mysteriously disappearing…

My unrequited love for re-purposed decor is further fueled by Boris Bally’s work.  A talented artist who re-purposes vintage industrial elements, Boris creates interesting furniture pieces — my favorite of which come from traffic signs that were destined for the dump. Using hand-fabricated, brake formed, and riveted techniques, Boris melds artistry with expertise in crafting unique pieces of art — whether they are furniture pieces or a bathroom floor (see below).  Whereas an entire dining set may be overwhelming, infusing a few pieces adds whimsy and a dash of lovely color.

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  1. Jon

    Absolutely incredible – As far as the bathroom floor is concerned, I will no longer need reading material when I enter the restroom. :) It is both creative and interesting. Applause.

  2. Amy

    Great post, Grace! Wonderful reuse/repurpose here and perfect for friendly type addicts like me…. love the bathroom floor… completely ace!

  3. wow beautiful! they are so colorful and full of textures, patterns and types. ditto about reading material in bathroom. this reminds me that i should definitely pay my friend who are currently working in the street sign shop a visit!

  4. Grace

    Thanks so much! The bathroom floor is my favorite too :) Move over tile…street signs are coming!

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  9. Tim – you have such a great eye for detail! I like how the drawer pulls also match the direction of the wood grain.

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