The beautiful vintage world of floating homes

Aug 20, 2008 by

Living in a floating home would be a dream come true for me — enjoying one’s life on the beautiful water, usually in a re-purposed vintage ship, train caboose, or medley of found materials!

My favorite American floating homes community is in Sausalito, a true artist’s haven.  Truly defining creativity, these artists have created amazing homes from the most creative resources.  Talk about re-purposed inspiration!  Here are some of my favorite re-purposed vintage digs:

The “Ark de Triumph” was created in 1907 when two arks were joined together to become a home.  I love the bedroom – how dreamy!  Its open beams are beautiful too – very Dutch and airy.

Next up in floating vintage inspiration is the “Train Wreck” home, crafted from a 1889 North Pacific Railway car, which is the foundation for the center of the house.  In fact, the dining room is housed in the Pullman Car – the details you can see in the wood paneling and authentic fixtures.

And the most eco-friendly, re-purposing inspirational home is “The Clamshell,” which was constructed using all recycled materials from shipyards, barns, fences, and even an arch from a church in the San Francisco mission district.  The loft ceiling was from a chicken house (I had no idea looking at the picture!), and the the stained glass door was recycled from a quirky store in the famous Haight Ashbury district.  How creative and fun!

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  1. These floating homes are so inspiring. I love seeing places that use salvaged pieces.

  2. Good morning Grace, this is amazing! I have to visit there soon. Thanks for leaving such kind comment on my blog. I enjoy reading your blog very much and meeting you. Thanks for the tip on selecting mid century furnitures too. Most of mine are from craigslist, not big investment so far. But it is good knowledge to have for future references for beginner like me. : )

  3. Grace, I like this post. I’ve seen some of the floating homes in Oregon but not as artistic as these ones in Sausilito! My favorite is the white bedroom.

  4. Grace

    I love these homes! These artists are so creative with their salvaged pieces. The community usually has annual tours, but not this year, as they are undergoing some committee changes. Hopefully, they will resume annual the floating home tour in 2009!

    Duc – I would also love to live in that white bedroom! Can you imagine the inspiration as soon as you simply open your eyes in the morning? *sigh* :)

    Sheau – Good morning! I really LOVE your mid-century modern couch :) I have a few mid-century pieces at home (not Eames or anyone of the sort), and I personally don’t think that the name of the designer is so important…but I do think that it’s not fair for people to sell impostor goods. I hope the article helps — thank you for your lovely words Sheau! 😀

  5. Jon

    Very impressive floats? Talk about a room with a view. :)

  6. Oooh! I want to live in a houseboat! Like Pia! :)

  7. What a great story Grace! I just love that white bedroom ~ it is SO dreamy. There are some cool looking “boat floats” as Jon says, in Sausalito.

  8. Can’t wait till the home tour for 2009! The dreamy bedroom is so beautiful.

  9. Grace

    Me too! I can only imagine how peaceful and inspired I would feel waking up in that bedroom…

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  13. The use of vintage treasures does add whimsy to these spaces, andsuch touches also add depth and warmth to the ambience of what might otherwise feel cold and a little austere. I noticed the figural statue of a person in repose near the greenery in that one particular room you mentioned.

  14. this reminds me that i should definitely pay my friend who are currently working in the street sign shop a visit!

  15. Truly defining creativity, these artists have created amazing homes from the most creative resources. Talk about re-purposed inspiration! Here are some of my favorite re-purposed vintage digs

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