Vintage Airstreams re-purposed into creative spaces

Aug 18, 2008 by

I’ve been eye-balling some fantastic vintage Airstreams on my local Craigslist recently….I want to turn one into my backyard studio / office for the ultimate vintage inspiration haven.  For about $5,000, you can pick one up and re-purpose them any way you like — making it a much more affordable alternative than adding onto your house.

For your viewing pleasure, here are some vintage Airstream beauties re-purposed into different spaces.  The possibilities are endless!

Theresa Gray of Flying Cloud Studio, a lovely artist (who draws, paints, and makes really intriguing art through “found” objects and oils) re-purposed her beautiful 1953 Airstream to become a studio and gallery.

Vintage Airstream - Flying Cloud Studio

Scottish blogger and garden-inspired artist Jane Lindsey of Snapdragon Garden re-purposed her vintage Airstream won on Ebay to be the perfect crafting space.  She painted the walls, put down new floors, adorned the Airstream with a cute day bed, and of course, moved in all her wonderful crafting supplies.  She also has lovely hand-crafted vintage goods, such as a lovely Airstream-inspired sketchbook hand-crafted and embroidered with vintage fabrics.  So delightful!

Whereas the lovely Hitch Couture is no longer consistently found in the artsy South Park neighborhood of my hometown, it is still a fantastic vintage Airstream that has been re-purposed into a fabulous traveling clothing boutique!

Architect Paul Welschmeyer converted is 1958 Airstream’s 98 square feet into both a mobile office and functional family resort.  Using the “trailering Tao” philosophy, everything was designed to have at least two uses.  I personally enjoy seeing non-authentic restorations, as there is a whimsical, eclectic beauty in mixing old and new.

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  1. You’ve put togather a great selection – honoured to be included.

  2. Grace

    It was my sincere pleasure to include your lovely work and studio Jane!

  3. These are so cool! Looove the travelling vintage clothes boutique you’ve included!

  4. Oooh, remember when DWR came out with their Airstream a few years ago? I had to hold myself back from moving to a trailer park and spending $75k on their design. 😉

  5. This is so neat! What a great idea. It would be so lovely to have a studio or “tree house” like this one. An indoor playground. : )

  6. Grace

    Monica, I loved shopping in the Hitch Couture Airstream — such a unique experience!

    Yessss Erin — I totally remember the DWR Airstream. Way delicious. It was indeed very tempting to refrain from buying that puppy and moving into that splendid Malibu trailer park on PCH that has ocean views!

    Sheau — Ah, a converted Airstream treehouse would be so beautiful! If anyone were to do it, it would be you 😀 These Airstreams all could enjoy infusions of some beautiful plants and trees inside.

  7. Amy

    mmm, thanks for keeping the someday dream alive!
    great post, Grace!

  8. I have a serious soft spot for Airstream trailers, and these photos are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Grace

    My knees get weak for that perfect vintage Airstream too :) Yes…the dream is still alive!

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  12. I have a project: 1986 airstream motor home that I have spent the last 3.5 years upgrading the exterior and interior, plus mechanical (98% perfect – now). 2008 I drove from Oakland, Cal to Jackson Center Ohio just to have some interior work done by the factory – terrific results. I need some help with exterior clear coat starting to fade on the top sides, what to do?

    Thanks for any help.

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  14. I like seeing vision in action. These trailers are art, certainly, and we can envisage a million possibilities for them. This site states that, and well. Thank you. I’m getting closer to my first restoration. And yes, it will be whimsical.

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  38. gerrit

    Hi, I’ve recently converted a vintage Airstream into a guest house, works very nicely. It was gutted already and I replaced the rotting plywood flooring with a new layer of plastic sheets, new plywood and indoor/outdoor carpeting. I painted he whole inside with regular latex, antimold. Also sanded all the stopped up holes/vents. Put bookcase around the wheel covers, desk, bed pictures to cover up the rough spots and voila! extra space for the house. I u need pics I can send it to you.

  39. sincere pleasure to include your lovely work and studio Jane!

  40. Very interesting…

  41. I totally remember the DWR Airstream. Way delicious. It was indeed very tempting to refrain from buying that puppy and moving into that splendid Malibu trailer park on PCH that has ocean views

  42. Ow pretty cool pictures about re-prposing my house..i am surely gonna use one of them…vintage Airstreams comes with some wonderful designs which can change the look of my house..

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