Happy Friday Mid-Century Modern Find!

Aug 16, 2008 by

After being quite tired from my shoot yesterday, I slept in and missed an estate sale…so to comfort myself, I still went vintage treasure hunting and scored….the mid-century modern nightstand version of Wall-E!  :)  This mid-century modern design line is actually a trapezoid, but it looks like a square in the picture.  I’m thinking of painting the outside frame white, and then leaving the drawers the natural wood grain…or vice-versa…what do you think?  Or…perhaps I shall simply keep it in its original splendor…per the urging of my friend Amy.  😀

Happy fantastic Friday!  I hope you all have a splendid weekend enjoying the best of summer!

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  1. Amy

    OH-MY-GOSH!!! I mean, OH…. MY…..GOSH!!! (repeated for emphasis)… this is incredible, I completely and totally covet your nightstand!!! Now, lil’ missy, don’t you even think of violating this fab piece with a loaded white paintbrush or any color of any sort… otherwise I will call the cops on you!!!! :) No, seriously, I will! This is poetry not to be altered!! Some Old English is all that is needed here.

  2. Grace

    Oh Amy, you are right. I have this bad propensity to make pieces “mine” by altering them…but I concur with your assessment…Wall-E the night stand shall remain in its beautiful form. Yes, Old English and perhaps some Murphy’s Oil Soap can clean him up in no time. (BTW, I have the pair…wheee!!)

  3. Tim Lahan

    Wow. Love how the wood grain is horizontal on the drawer and vertical on the cabinet. Such a nice piece. Congrats on the score!

  4. Grace

    Tim – you have such a great eye for detail! I like how the drawer pulls also match the direction of the wood grain. I am very happy with this find…it makes me smile each time I come into the room..my lil’ mid-century modern Wall-E 😀

  5. Jon

    I am jealous – you have a great eye! My jealously quickly turned to laughter as I panned down to find Wall-E! .. Hmm, they must be cousins. :)

  6. I am so jealous…I would die for them…but is there a budget you set before you go to estate sales…I m scared of these sales for their prices…:(

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