Real vintage furniture for your bathroom

Aug 12, 2008 by

I always like to inject an ounce of whimsy and unexpectedness into decor and styling.  My passion for re-purposing vintage items stems from this obsession.  An even easier way to add whimsy is to mix-and-match the purpose of furnishings designed for other rooms.  For example, I have a vintage baker’s cabinet as the armoire in my bedroom, and I put two side coffee tables in my guest bathroom to hold their towels and toiletries.

An easy way to inject some whimsy into your bathroom is by using nontraditional powder room furnishings.  For example, a vintage fireplace mantle (which are readily available via Craigslist or architectural salvage places) is perfect for framing your bathtub and creating an instant shelf (genius!).  I also ADORE having chandeliers in the bathroom…it makes soaking in a clawfoot tub all the more grand.  I can’t wait to find that fixer upper for hubby and I to move into so I can install a clawfoot tub, chandelier, and a reupholstered settee in the bathroom.  *Sigh*

Photo Source: Decorator Inside

Photo Source: Blueprint, Jan/Feb 2008

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  1. Amy

    Love the grandness of the mantle piece and the functionality…. yes, a fab idea!

  2. I’ve always wanted a clawfoot tub. :)

  3. Grace

    Clawfoots and chandeliers just seem to go together in bathrooms like kettle corn and the flea market (the only way I entice hubs to the flea market is through the delicious, fresh kettle corn they have there…)

  4. Cristin

    What is the finishing on the wall?

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