Customizing vintage industrial finds

Apr 30, 2008 by

I have a soft spot for vintage industrial treasures, especially the ones that are creatively converted to other uses than their original purpose.  Although Twenty Gauge does not specialize in re-purposed vintage industrial treasures, they do a fantastic job of rehabilitating vintage industrial pieces…and even customizing them to match your decor.  For example, you can opt for the classic 1950s straight chair, but reupholstered in any fabric of your desire.

However, you can indeed have DIY vintage industrial furniture that matches your interior color whimsy.  If you find a great vintage industrial piece (at flea markets or closed warehouses), you can always take the piece to your local, discount auto body paint shop.  For a nominal fee, you can ask them to paint whatever piece you find in the color you fancy.  Or, for an even cheaper DIY make-over, pull out your good ol’ fashioned spray paint…which also allows you to pick and choose which areas you want to re-paint.

twenty gauge vintage industrial

Remember, vintage industrial can look good in any room – use an old lawyer’s bookcase in your dining room, or opt for a vintage industrial table as your entertainment center.  With creativity, the possibilities are endless!

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  5. I’ll have an update REALLY soon with photos from recent photo shoots (which have great vintage inspirations!) and even a few crafty DIY ideas for the antique goods around your home.

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