Hearye, hearye….new vintage treasures!

Apr 20, 2008 by

Just a small note to let everyone know that a new batch of vintage treasures is being uploaded to the {pH} Etsy shop! Everything from antique brass paperclips for the procrastinator to vintage bowling pin alcohol decanters….along with antique kids toys and cool retro lighting….will be ready to find a place in your home!

Poetic Home Antique Collectibles

For the curious, I apologize for the erratic postings here on the blog. I am getting ready for a *major* shopping trip throughout Europe and South America, and I am trying to finish all of my “day” job work to afford the antique scouting trip. But more details on that to come as the date approaches….along with many more antique collectibles! :) I hope you are all having a splendid weekend!

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