This antique toy equals death to bunny ears!

Mar 13, 2008 by

I’m sorry poor bunny ears, but we no longer need you.  Your tots turn into shoe-tying pros, as their little fingers train and perfect tying on this antique toy, the perfect wooden “lace and tie shoe.”  Easily seeing how to lace shoes from all directions, with practicing fun against the colorful antique wooden shoe, kids will squeal with delight as they graduate from Velcro to shoelaces!

antique toy wooden lace and tie shoe

Even better, in the sense of protecting Mother Earth, after your tots learn how to tie their shoes, you can “recycle” the shoe into an adorable pencil and pen holder!  Now that is an antique toy that grows up with your child, and the “Sandberg Lace & Tie Shoe” is waiting at our Etsy shop here.

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