Make Martha Jealous with an Antique Chafing-Dish Server

Mar 12, 2008 by

Even the Ultimate Hostess Martha Stewart will be envious when you awe your guests with a stunning, antique chafing dish.

Used since the 1800s in France and Great Britain, a chafing dish is perfect for keeping foods warm at your buffet, or for gentle cooking at the table.  If you have dreamed of preparing the perfect cheese fondue, then the chafing dish is the ultimate addition to your entertainment arsenal.  Or, eat well like the British and prepare Welsh rarebit – made even tastier when prepared in this gorgeous chafing dish.

Antique chafing dish

Become Mr. or Ms. Hostess of the Year by bringing this antique chafing dish into your home from our Etsy shop here.

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  1. make martha jealous?? you’ve made ME soooo jealous i want to cryyy,,,,, hahaha. Do you still have this?

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