We found Tiny Tim!

Mar 1, 2008 by

Well, his wooden tricycle that is :) This antique toy, a charming 100% wood scooter, is the perfect accent to a nursery, and it can even serve double-duty as an accent holder (think a cute succulent, small ivy plant…).

antique toy wooden scooter

Even the wheels of this antique toy are wood, and they are lovingly hand-painted to look like tires! We saw this in an off-the-beaten-path antique store, and we had to bring it home so that it could share its love with more kids! The lovely shopkeeper told us it was a 1950s piece, which was handcrafted and hand-painted. Add a piece of vintage charm to any room by picking up this antique toy at our Etsy shop here.

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  1. Neilkriss

    So cute! or should I say, so TINY :)

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