What did the parents of Fortune 500 execs teach them?

Feb 28, 2008 by

Business acumen of course! Developing a child’s mind from an early age is critical to how well they perform as adults…and those who are taught about economics, supply and demand, and commerce (in a fun way, of course), grow up to become wildly compensated CEOs (or arrested for white collar crimes).

1950s antique toy kids cash register

Keep in mind that this store accepts Cash Only in the cute drawer that pops open with a natural “ka-chink” noise, as your “little storekeeper” charges you $80 for his future Picasso crayon painting. If you try to offer a credit card or check, your money ain’t good in this tike’s store. Build your baby’s ability to calculate profit by picking up the 1950s antique toy at our Etsy shop here.

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